RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

FlashForwardNow - RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

The Guardian Comments on the Finale

The Guardian has a episode-by-episode commentary at http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/flash-forward that I hope they will keep active.

Their comments:

But it was at least a payoff in itself to have reached the moment of flashforward, and seen the enduring power of the future (with a little help from the characters who’ve spent so long thrashing against that power). The idea of the flashforward really is – I still believe – a powerful and engaging concept, even if the way in which it all played out wasn’t as satisfactory as we might initially have hoped. But the fact that it was explored – with all its flailing arms of flabby characters, plot, tangents, red herrings, loose ends, and rolling game of ‘how many Brits can you squeeze into an American action sci-fi drama?’ – made for an endearingly fun ride.

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