RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

FlashForwardNow - RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

The Houston Chronicle agreed with me: Slow Down!

3. I wish FlashForward would slow the plot down a bit. Part of the reason the character development is lacking is because we simply don’t have time to get to know anybody before someone is yelling about having found another clue and everyone goes tearing off in the direction of an underground suicide club or Hong Kong or a doll factory. SLOW. DOWN.

4. I wish FlashForward would not save the most interesting plot points of the episode for the final moments of the episode. Mix it up a little. As it stands, within 15 minutes of watching an episode, I’m already thinking about fast forwarding to the end to get on with it already.


From:  http://blog.chron.com/tubular/2009/12/flashforward-bah-humbug/


And there was a lot of ‘splaining to do. FlashForward had appealing actors and strong production values, but its long-term storyline rebuffed casual viewers. That’s why benching the show didn’t work: any other series might have regained viewers from a new round a buzz (the resurging storyline, guest stars like James Callis, etc.), but most viewers who missed some or all of the fall episodes, or were turned off by the peculiar pilot (complete with a we’re-so-wacky kangaroo), would’ve felt they’d missed too much.




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