RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

FlashForwardNow - RIP Flash Forward – We'll Miss You!

Time Comments on the Beginning

A time critic watched the previews, then commented later as the show progressed:

The Show: FlashForward, ABC. (Yes, evidently it is spelled one word, no space.) As Fox did with Fringe last summer, ABC sought to get the buzz rolling with a private in-house preview for critics today; a review version will be released closer to the premiere. PR reps, and executive producer Jessika Goyer, laid out a reasonable set of no-spoiler requests, but there was no NDA, so I think I’m free to describe it here. (Note: I’m abiding by their requests, and then some, but if you want to be totally surprised by this pilot, then obviously don’t read this post.)

The Premise: Lost fans have probably already seen the trailer, but to recap: for two minutes, 17 seconds, everyone on Earth blacks out and experiences a vision of the same day and time in the future (April 29, 2010; mark your calendars). Many of the visions are scary, but that’s a problem for later.

From:  http://entertainment.time.com/2009/06/17/test-pilot-flash-forward/


The show is based on an excellent concept (see my earlier post for the rundown on it, if you haven’t heard it yet), and I want it to be good. But being a TV critic is about setting aside what you want to believe and judging what you’ve actually seen. And what I’m afraid I see in FlashForward is, once again, a network trying to make “the next Lost” without seeming to get what made the last Lost great.

I will stick with it for now, though, because the premise is a doozy and I’m still intrigued. And I’m hoping the producers can retrofit a personality onto the show as it moves forward and adds to the cast. (Lost’s Dominic Monaghan, for instance, joins the show after tonight’s pilot.) Unlike FlashForward’s cast, I can’t see six months into the show’s future, so I’ll try to stay optimistic.

From:  http://entertainment.time.com/2009/09/24/tv-tonight-can-flashforward-get-lost/

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